Week 1: Monday

The Fortnight program at IDEO Boston is one week old. Emily Grenader, our first Fortnight Intern, hit her stride almost immediately. She took the red-eye from San Diego, and by lunchtime, her project—a VideoMob installation—was up and running in the Maker Space. The main components are a Kinect sensor, used as a depth camera:

A computer and a display:

And willing participants:

"It's like you're elegant and then digsuted by your elegance." -Matt Brown

Emily uses clay and felt to redesign her on-screen instructions with Fortnight colors.

Week 1: Tuesday

Emily has a mission with the Video Mob: bring a community of anonymous people together. Today she is moving it to the lobby of IDEO Boston to test it on a bigger audience.

The aesthetics of the installation are questionable at first.

Wide exposure in the lobby.

Emily’s larger mission is to bring it to the public of Central Square. With help from her Spirit Mentor, Alex Staudt she’s trying to find a place to set up the installation.

The VideoMob is about generating inclusiveness. Emily is an art teacher who believes that art should be accessible. Her work is about establishing connections between the art and the audience, and in this case, interactivity is used as a bridge.

Its start was rooted in Emily’s experience as a street photographer. As people passed by, Emily started thinking about an imagined community of strangers. She turned to painting because the analog process allows her to spend more time with her subjects, taking note of details in their face that might have otherwise been missed.

With the Video Mob technology, Emily has found a way to capture an individual and place him within his community of strangers. Maybe he’ll take a look at the guy who passed by 5 minutes before. Maybe he’ll slow down and notice something he could have before.

Week 1: Wednesday

There have been a couple delays in setting up the public projection space.

So in the meantime, Emily has decided to create human chess set. IDEOers will be the guinea pigs.

Since the Kinect is a depth camera, Emily can circle the subject with camera in hand to create a 3-D rendering.

Spirit Mentor Alex Staudt is first up to stand for a scan.

Next up: Emily.

Ian Schon donated some SolidWorks expertise advice to clean up the edges of the renderings.

The file has been sent to the 3D printer. It will run overnight and hopefully only good surprises are in store for the morning.

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