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IDEO Fortnight is a two week intensive residency where people from a variety of backgrounds come together to collaborate on cool challenges in our Boston studio. We challenge the participants to create amazing designs focused around our studio’s environment, connectedness, and digital tools. This thing is happening right here in the Boston studio. These kids are the ones that are bringing the majik. Dig deep.
 Emily Grenader 
Artist / San Diego / Video Mob
SEPT 15 - SEPT 26
We bet you want to know more about the MOB. And we all are interested in VIDEOS. This will be our lucky week. Emily is going to combine these like chocolate and cheese.
 Kelsey Dang 
Sustainabiliy Designer / California / Community Dinners
SEPT 22 - OCT 03
Remember that time when you were a kid and you had a cold? Your parental unit came over and nipped it in the bud with a memorable confection. That soft memory is what Kelsy is all about.
 Jihyun Hong 
Artist / Maryland / Fantasy Moments
SEPT 29 - OCT 10
Fantasy lands painted into our reality and spread like wild-fire throughout our existence. Jihyun is a master of the painted and physical. Be ready to not be ready.
 Cindy Jian 
Designer / San Francisco / Our Nest
OCT 06 - OCT 17
We have a builder. We have a creator. We have an overlord. But we don’t have a fortress. That’s where Cindy comes in. She will make our nest and you will never want to wake up.
 Oscar Salguero 
Product Designer / Peru / Memory Foosball
OCT 13 - OCT 24
This is a man loves using his feet and he wants to help us to understand what it is like using our hands to control others feet in a slighly smaller world inspired by our world. Trust me, it will all become clear very quickly.
 Joshua Bennett 
Artist & Designer / New Orleans / Mural & Totems
OCT 20 - OCT 31
Josh calls himself Dolphin Mouth. I have no idea why but I do know that dolphins are exactly like humans except really not. He is going to use his aquatic mammal powers to forge totems that will muralise your existence. POOF!